Whole30 Meals Week Two: #plateenvy

Sep 28th
Whole30 Meals

Last week I shared an in-depth look at my Whole30 meals for week one. And this week I’m doing the same thing.

The Whole30 challenge is an extensive cleansing program designed to flush your body of anything that it might be bothered by and then to add those things back into your system to determine if you react to anything. The Whole30 is not a diet. It’s not a full-time eating experience. It’s a reset and a learning experience. It’s supposed to give you the experience of eating your very best and feeling your very best so that you are informed and ready to make the best food choices moving forward.

The first time I did a Whole30, I had just given birth to Avonlea and I knew I needed to get my body back on track. Upon completing that first Whole30 I had lost all my baby weight plus some (only 6 weeks after she was born), and I felt wonderful (even though I was functioning on a newborn schedule). I learned that my body doesn’t tolerate dairy or rice very well with almost immediate reactions to both. I also learned that all those oils, sweeteners, soy, additives, etc… just slow me down, make me tired and cranky, and are so clearly destructive to my system.

Since that first Whole30 I have completed a few more and have gotten a bunch of people to take on the challenge. Everyone has had different results, but in general everyone loves how they feel after cutting out all the crap. The biggest part of the challenge for most people is figuring out what to eat. The biggest thing I can say to help you plan out your Whole30 meals is that you shouldn’t take it so seriously. One of my favorite meals is BBQ chicken with a sweet potato and something green. And it’s so quick and easy to make. But if you are still feeling stuck take a look as my Whole30 meals from last week.

A quick note about photo quality: Since I got my DSLR camera I have tried really hard to include high quality photos in all my posts. This post is different. All of these photos were taken with my phone. Some of the lighting is bad and some of the photos are a bit fuzzy. I’m sorry for that.

Whole30 Meals

Day 1

Breakfast – Green Monster Smoothie

Lunch – Roast beef

Dinner – Tomato soup, cucumbers, watermelon, LaCroix Sparkling Water

Whole30 Meals

Day 2

Breakfast – Leftover Peruvian chicken, plantains, and a plumb

Lunch – Kale wrap with leftover Peruvian chicken, tomatoes, and mustard, papaya, and celery

Dinner – Meatza (recipe in Real Life Paleo, by The Paleo Parents: Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry) with cashew cauliflower cream sauce (also from Real Life Paleo), tomato sauce, broccoli, red peppers, and bacon, and papaya

Whole30 Meals

Day 3

Breakfast – Apple with almond butter

Lunch – Tomato soup, crudités, lemon and mint water

Dinner – Burger with bacon, and ratatouille

Whole30 Meals

Day 4

Breakfast – Naked Green Machine and black coffee

Lunch – Meatza with cashew cauliflower cream sauce, tomato sauce, broccoli, red peppers, and bacon

Dinner – BBQ chicken, sautéed kale, carrot sticks, home fries, half a plumb

Whole30 Meals

Day 5

Breakfast – Energy Bars (recipe in Real Life Paleo, by The Paleo Parents: Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry), apple

Lunch – Pumpkin fat bomb (wasn’t very hungry)

Dinner – BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, lettuce

Whole30 Meals

Day 6

Breakfast – Waffles (recipe from Paleo Parents) with pumpkin fat bomb as the butter, apples, Energy Bar – waffles are not W30 legal, they don’t help with breaking habits but since this isn’t my first W30 I’m not being that strict

Lunch – Meatza with cashew cauliflower cream sauce, roasted broccoli, and tomatoes, crudités, LaCroix Sparkling Water

Dinner – Butternut squash coconut curry soup

Whole30 Meals

Day 7

Breakfast – Energy Bar, black coffee

Lunch – Energy Bars, crudités, dried pineapple, macadamia nuts, LaCroix Sparkling Water, lemon mint water

Dinner –BBQ chicken over half a baked sweet potato, apple

A note about breakfast: It may not be listed, but always have coffee with my breakfast. I drink it black or with some unsweetened almond or coconut milk. I try to have water with every Whole30 meal and in between meals. It’s so important to drink tons of water. I will be the first to admit that I don’t drink enough water, but I’m trying. Also, I really hate the taste of eggs. I wish I liked them because they are so healthy and easy, but my tastebuds fully reject eggs. So, if you like eggs, lucky you! Eat them!

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Whole30 Meals Week One: #plateenvy

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