Superhero Santa and Elf Sidekick

Oct 9th
Superhero Santa and Elfkin

This is one of those things that I meant to blog about last year, but it just didn’t get done in time.

Superhero Santa and Elfkin

Last year, Jude asked to be Superhero Santa for Halloween and he dictated that Avi should be his Elf Sidekick. And with an awesome and out of the box idea like that, how could I say no?

I sketched up the costumes with major input from Jude while we waited to have his broken leg x-rayed. He insisted that he had to have a cape, beard, mask, and black boots. Other than that I got to go with my creative gut. Jude was not interested in the Elf Sidekick costume other than insisting that Avi wear it.

Superhero Santa and Elfkin

Superhero Santa’s costume consisted of a red shirt that I added muscle padding and a green superhero S to; a furry cape with another superhero S and lined with Christmas striped fabric that was attached to the shoulders of his shirt; a green mask with attached beard; a red hat with fur trim; a gold belt; red shorts with fur trim; and black boots. On Halloween night he wore green and red striped leggings under the shorts because it was so cold.

The Elf Sidekick costume consisted of a pompom headband; a gold and white shirt with a green superhero E; a red and gold snowflake cape attached to the shirt at the collar; green prairie points shorts (they took forever and were really heavy, but looked cool!); and gold boots.

Superhero Santa and Elfkin

I wanted to use a photo with the kiddos in these costumes for our Christmas card last year. I designed the cards and everything, but never got around to printing them, much less sending them out. So, to all the people who should have gotten a card from us, here you go! I’m sorry it’s so late.

Superhero Santa and Elfkin

I know this post is a year late, but I just had to share. I love these costumes so very much, and I love how creative Jude was with the idea.

I’m a little a lot bummed about these pictures because the original files were on the computer that got doused with coffee. *MajorSuperSadFace* But thank goodness for Instagram and Facebook. The pics just aren’t as high a quality as they would have been otherwise and I only have these four.

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