Real Life Mom: Be Still

Mar 2nd
Be Still

Do you ever have those moments when you know God is screaming at you, and you just don’t want to listen? You are getting sign after sign and you still don’t listen? And when you finally admit that you have been getting a message from God you want to ignore it because [insert excuse here]. That’s been me. For a long time. God has been telling me to be still and I have been pushing the notion out of my head and filling it with other noise. 

I have always loved Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” And I love the Steven Curtis Chapman song based on that verse. This acoustic version featuring Caleb Chapman is one of my favorite modern worship songs. If you’ve never heard it, I encourage you to click the link and listen to the song.

Be still and know that He is God

Be still and know that He is holy

Be still, O restless soul of mine

Bow before the Prince of peace

Let the noise and clamor cease

Be still…

Isn’t that just an amazing song? Don’t you just love it? I do. For sure. But as much as I try I don’t think I really get the meaning very often. I’ve had moments, but never really had time to let it all sink in and settle in my heart.

Well that is just what God has been screaming at me.


Ha! But how God? When? I just don’t have time.


In the middle of our Bible study a few weeks ago I had a major breakthrough, a revelation, if you will. God finally got to me. 

Be Still

Be Still Women’s Tee –
Milk and Honey Tees – Etsy (click photo for more info)

I don’t like to be still. I don’t like quiet. It’s hard for me. I come from a loud family and quiet was never really an option in my life. Even now I fill my quiet time with podcasts, music, TV shows, or reading. I always feel like I should be doing something. Folding laundry, working on a project, doing my nails, checking my phone. There is always something to be done. 

For about a year God had been sending me little nudges. Most things could be chalked up to coincidences, or whatever, but I believe God can and does speak in tiny ways that can always be chalked up to ordinary. The Steven Curtis Chapman song has been playing on the radio and Pandora stations. A friend opened an Etsy shop and one of her flagship products is a beautiful mug with the words “Be Still.” I discovered Milk and Honey Tees, and again one of their beautiful designs features “Be Still.” A friend from college has really taken on the practice of self-care. And then there are the podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts, I prefer it to music. One of my favorites is The No Sugarcoating Podcast by Leanne Vogel, Amber Romaniu, the podcast is totally secular and about health and wellness. But one of their biggest suggestions for health and happiness is making sure to take time for self-care. Marriage More, by Jeff and Mandy Rose, just did a great podcast about why they took a podcasting break, and Mandy admitted to needing to take time to be still. And lastly, in the middle of a week on studying and learning about prayer in our Bible study, I was listening to our church’s podcast of past sermons and it was all about, you guessed it, being still.

Ironically, it was in the middle of listening to that sermon and chopping vegetable for dinner that I realized that I am hardly ever still. And that evening, during our Bible study it really sank in. Even in my down time I’m either sleeping, doing yoga, sewing, reading, designing, or blogging. It’s just how I’ve done things for so long. Filling time with noise and activity. But what I realized is that I wasn’t giving God any time. I was reading my Bible (most nights), worshiping, reading other books by Christian authors, and talking to God (one way praying). But I was never just giving God time. I never just sat with God and hung out. I was never still. I never gave God time to talk back.

I am still trying hard to figure out how to do this. Like I said, I am uncomfortable without some noise or activity. But I have been actively trying to make time to be still. I have been going to bed earlier, and after I read, journal, and pray, I try to make time for just hanging out with God and giving him space to say something. Or not. Sometimes it’s just about being in that space and moment with God. I also find a good, hot bath is a good time to be still. Don’t read, just be. 

Be Still

Be Still Coffee Mug –
June Arbor Designs – Etsy (click photo for more info)

I’m guessing a lot of people are uncomfortable with this concept of being quiet. But even if you aren’t a Christian taking time to be still is still something to consider. Being present with yourself and your thoughts is a way to tap into what you really want and need. It’s a way to become more open to what God (or the universe) is saying to you. Taking “still” time is time to sort through the muck and refocus. 

This is especially important if you are a mom. Moms’ have a LOT of noise in their lives, can I get an AMEN? All moms know they need to take mommy-time. You know, if the plane is going down, put the mask on yourself first, then your child. Moms’ need time to refocus, clear stress, and remember that they are their own person. But this doesn’t always look like a pedicure or girls’ night out. Sometimes moms just need to be still. To take a moment to be still in the quiet (probably while the kids are sleeping) and focus on grace, blessings, thoughts, and God. 

Be still and know that He is God

Be still and know that He is holy

Be still, O restless soul of mine

Bow before the Prince of peace

Let the noise and clamor cease

Be still

I am starting to realize that when God starts *silently* screaming at you, it’s probably a good time to start listening. It’s time to Be Still. 


Photo Credits:

Be Still Women’s Tee – Milk and Honey Tees – Etsy

Be Still Coffee Mug – June Arbor Designs – Etsy

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