Modern Cottage Beach House Inspiration Boards

Jan 14th
modern cottage beach house

My parents have a beach house in Southern Georgia. I love it down there, but it’s time to redecorate. They are hoping to put it onto the rental market and we are trying to get it redecorated before the summer vacationers get to town. My mom and I have been pinning, and shopping and dreaming a lot over the past few weeks and we have come up with a few inspiration boards.

The outside of the house already has this great cottage feel, but the inside is a little more modern and cold than the sweet outside.  So we have decided that marrying the two is the way to go. We are going for a Modern Cottage Beach House look. Not quite sure what that means but we are figuring it out as we go.

modern cottage beach house modern cottage beach house modern cottage beach house

What do you think of these bedroom inspiration boards? Do they say “Modern Cottage Beach House” to you? Which one would you rather stay in?

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