Wicked Halloween Wreath

Oct 16th
Halloween Wreath

We went on our first trick-or-treating outing this past weekend. We were camping with my father-in-law and all the kids in the campground dressed up and went around to all the campers and tents collecting candy. It was a blast! My kids loved it and it made me finish their costumes TWO WHOLE WEEKS before Halloween (unprecedented in my life.)

Halloween Wreath

I have been so on top of Halloween this year, I’m starting to freak myself out. I got this Halloween wreath made and hung up within the first week of October. Again, unprecedented.

Halloween Wreath

The inspiration for this Halloween wreath came from these adorable nail wraps from Jamberry. I love the combination of the purple and poisonous green and the silhouette of the wicked witch. My original idea was that I would be able to find a balsa wood witch cutout at Michael’s and I would just paint it black for a super easy DIY. Unfortunately, while I think they probably had some balsa wood witches at Michael’s in maybe mid September, by October 3rd when I was shopping they were totally out. So as usual, plan B come into play.

Halloween Wreath

I was going to just use a regular witch’s silhouette, but when I Googled “witch silhouette,” what came up sent this project down a slightly different path. I found so many images of Elphaba from Wicked the musical because the poster for the show is her (and Galinda’s) silhouette. And so I grabbed the opportunity to embrace my nerd-side and get back to my theatre roots.

Halloween Wreath

DIY Wicked Halloween Wreath


  • Large foam wreath form
  • Purple sparkly ribbon (I used almost three spools)
  • Black sparkly ribbon
  • Green grosgrain ribbon
  • Foam core
  • Black paint
  • Green paint
  • Black glitter
  • Clear spray paint
  • Black paint chips
  • White paint pen
  • Hot glue gun with glue and/or small-headed straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Sharp X-acto knife (make sure it’s a sharp blade so you don’t tear instead of cutting clean lines)

Note: I always use pins to make my wreaths, that way I can change my mind easily. If you use hot glue then you are pretty much stuck (pun intended) with whatever you have made. With pins I can reposition, remove, and even start all over without damaging any of my materials. 

The simple instructions:

Wrap the purple ribbon around the wreath, pin in place. Wrap the black and green ribbons around the wreath, pin in place. Made paint chip bunting, pin in place. Make witch silhouette, pin in place. Pin hanging loop in place. Hang.

The detailed instructions:

Find a witch silhouette that you like. Either find a balsa wood one at a craft store or find one on Google. I used this one from Wicked. I blew up and printed the image and then I had to fudge the rest of the hat and curve out the bottom of the silhouette. Then I cut out the template from regular paper and used some double-sided tape to adhere it to the foam core. Then I used a very sharp X-acto knife to cut out the silhouette. After the main shape was cut, I cut the face shape out of the paper template and very lightly traced that shape onto the foam core using a pencil.

Halloween Wreath

Very carefully paint the face using green paint. It’s okay if you get out of the lines a little bit because it will be covered with black paint. Allow this paint to dry and then do another coat, repeat this process until it is opaque and the color is even. After the green paint is dry, paint the rest of the silhouette black. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the foam core. Allow the black paint to dry before adding another coat of paint. While this coat of black is wet sprinkle on the black glitter. Make sure there is an even layer of glitter. Allow the paint to dry. Shake off the extra glitter and make sure there isn’t any on the green face, and spray the whole silhouette with clear spray paint to keep the glitter from shaking off when you open and close your door. (The green paint must be completely dry before adding the glitter, otherwise you will end up with glitter on the face too.)

Using your purple sparkly ribbon, pin one end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath. Then wrap and wrap and wrap the ribbon around the wreath overlapping it so that it covers the styrofoam completely. You want to keep the ribbon pretty taut. When you come to the end of your first spool of ribbon just over lap the ribbon from the new spool and pin it in place at the back of the wreath. The pins should go through the end of the first piece of ribbon and the beginning of the new one, this way you conserve pins.

Note: If your ribbon is fraying then use a lighter to burn the ends so they melt a little, only use this method if you are using a non-natural fibers ribbon; or use some Frey Check. 

Visually divide the wreath into four sections, then wrap a piece of black ribbon around the wreath at each of the four points and pin in the back. Then add three more ribbons evenly spaced in-between each of the four sections. Then add green ribbons to one side of the black ribbons.

Cut black paint chips into small triangles. You will need 19 “flags.” Using a white paint pen write the phrase “Something Wicked This Way Comes” on the flags, one letter per flag. You can write whatever phrase you like, “Happy Halloween,” “No One Mourns The Wicked,” “Everyone’s A Little Wicked,” and “Trick Or Treat,” would all be great too. Using a small hole puncher, punch tiny holes in the upper corners of each flag.  Then use thick black thread to string up the flags. Tie a knot in the end of the thread and use the knot as an anchor to stick the pin through and secure it to the back of the wreath.

Glue or pin the witch’s silhouette to the wreath. Pin a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath for hanging. Hang your wreath and celebrate the season! Happy Wicked Halloween!

Halloween Wreath

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