Preschool Welcome and Weather Board

Oct 5th
Weather Board

Our little preschool is heading into our fourth week of operation and it’s going pretty well. We’ve already had to adjust the time a little so that we avoid melt-downs as much as possible, but it seems like we’ve got that aspect worked out. We are still in the figure-it-out stage, but it’s going as smoothly as expected.

I wanted to share the Welcome and Weather Board that I created for our little group. We use this board for circle time. We take the time to talk about the weather, season, and day of the week. We are also using the board for the kids to check-in, and we write the title of the book we will be reading together on the small chalkboard.

I wish I could give you a pattern for this weather board, but the truth is I hand cut all the letters and other shapes, except the WELCOME which I used the pattern from my No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets. If you don’t feel comfortable with free-hand cutting the letters then I’m sure you could find a good font and just print out your own pattern.

The Base

I got 1/2 yard of blue felt and a sheet of foam core of the fabric store. I wrapped the felt around the board and hot glued it in place. I should have put glue on the front, but I didn’t. It would have supported the chalkboard better if I had. If you make this, put glue on the front too.

Side note about glue: I used hot glue on the base and the chalkboard, but otherwise I used felt glue. I highly recommend using felt glue. It works so well with felt, much better than tacky glue. 

Preschool Welcome and Weather Board

Let’s Read Chalkboard

I picked up the mini chalkboard at Joann’s. With our co-op we have a weekly book that we all read together at circle time. This book goes with the theme of the week and often influences our activities. This chalkboard is just a little reminder to the kids (not that they can read, yet) of what we are doing for the week.

Weather Board

The Schoolhouse

I cut a little schoolhouse out of felt and my sister helped me make little felt children with the kid’s initials. I found a schoolhouse pattern on a scrap booking website and used that as a base. I free-handed the cutting, but used the pattern as an idea of what I was going for. As for the felt children, my sister made those and she is amazing. When the kids get to co-op we have them pick out their little felt doppelgänger and place them in the schoolhouse. It’s just s little something for them to do when they arrive.

Weather Board

Today Is

I cut some rectangles of felt (same color as the background) and painted the days of the week on them. We let the kids switch out the days during circle time.

Weather Board

The Weather

I made circles of felt (the same color as the background) with different representations of weather on them. The kids are encouraged to remember the weather and to pick the circle that best represents the weather outside. The options are, sunny, partial sun partial cloud, cloudy, windy, thunder-storm, snow. I though about making a few more options, but for now these work pretty well.

Weather Board

The Seasons

This one is what I am really excited about. I cut out a bare tree shape from brown felt. That is glued to the board permanently. Then I made four different scenes that can be placed on the tree to represent the different seasons. I made deep green leaves (just organic shapes of green felt) and grass for summer. Masses of colorful leaves and leaf pile and pumpkin in the grass for fall. Blobs of snow and a snow man for winter. And bright green leaves with white flowers and a pink flower in the grass for spring. The kids all get to put something on the tree as we talk about the changing seasons.

Weather Board


I’m thinking about adding a few more things to the weather board. I would like to add labels for the season. Just like the days of the week labels, I think having labels for the seasons would be nice. I also think having labels for the month would be a good thing for the kids. I think I will paint both of these instead of cutting the letters out of felt.

Weather Board

What do you think of our little weather board?

What would you add?

Do you think your kids would enjoy having one of these in your home?

P.S. I know there is a small spelling error in the photos. It should say Ally-saurus and the First Day of school, forgive me. I was up until 3 am working on this board, missing a Y on something that could be easily changed wasn’t really a big deal.

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