Ruffled Arch Skirt – A New Pattern by Call Ajaire

Aug 28th
The Ruffled Arch Skirt

I first heard about Call Ajaire from my dear sewing friend, Katie of Robutton. Katie made her daughter a few amazing sunsuits from Call Ajaire’s Paneled Sunsuit pattern. Check out Katie’s post on the sunsuits to see how crazy cute they are and check back here for my version with sleeves, coming soon.

A few weeks ago Call Ajaire hosted a testing group for her new pattern, the Ruffled Arch Skirt. I jumped on the opportunity to test the pattern. This was my first sewing pattern testing adventure and it was a great experience.

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The Ruffled Arch SkirtSewing At The Beach

Our family was on vacation while the testing was going on so I didn’t have access to my usual stash, and I was sewing on my mother’s 1964 Featherweight, you can see a picture of this adorable machine on my IG feed.

I didn’t have my serger so that made finishing the seams a bit difficult. I ended up making the skirt without finishing the seams and then taking it apart and remaking it when I got home so I could finish it properly.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtPlain Back Version

I made the plain back version of the Ruffle Arch Skirt pattern while we were at the beach. I let Avi pick out the fabric, and she chose this minty-green, vintage-inspired print called Everything but the Kitchen Sink from RJR Fabrics. I think she liked it because of the pink flowers. That girl loves her pink.

The fit of this skirt is really sweet. The elastic is only in the back so the front is flat and very pretty. The back has the elastic in the waistband, and it gives it a bit of a bustle look. It’s really cute, especially over a diapered bum. I think my skirt may have turned out a little longer than it was supposed to be, but I like it that way.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtRuffled Arch Version

Because I let Avi pick out her fabric, we ended up with a beautiful purple batik fabric that she loved. So, I went with it for the ruffled arch skirt. I really like the way this skirt turned out. Since the ruffles are the same fabric as the rest of the skirt they don’t stand out as much, they are sort of a subtle party in the back (lol!) Sometime simple is best.

The ruffled version still has the flat front and elastic waistband in the back. It also features a pretty arch with ruffles, hence the name :) The ruffles are really fun and can be made with contrasting fabrics for a little more pop, or like Avi’s and just the same fabric as the main skirt.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtPattern Testing

The Ruffled Arch Skirt pattern instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Ajaire gives lots of tips throughout the pattern that are very helpful, and because of these tips this pattern (the plain back) can be made easily by a novice sewer. *cough* Amber and Ashley, I’ll help you make one for your girls. *cough* The ruffled version is a bit more complicated, but if you follow along with the pattern and are careful with your stitching it isn’t too hard. I would say if you have an intermediate level of sewing skills you should be able to put it together with no problems.

While testing I got to see so many different interpretations of this skirt made by sewers from all over. Everyone’s turned out darling (a testament to the pattern and instructions), and so unique. I loved being able to see everyone’s fabric choices. For the ruffled back version most people used a contrasting fabric for the ruffles, and they were adorable. I truly felt honored to be a part of such a great group os seamstresses and sewers who were dedicated to helping Ajaire make her pattern the best it could be.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtThe Ruffled Arch Skirt Review

Pattern name: The Ruffled Arch Skirt

Pattern designer: Call Ajaire

Where to buy/price:, Etsy, and UpCraftClub, $8 (but I have a discount code for you! scroll down!)

Size range: Newborn through 12 years.

What size did you make? 2t

Fabric used: Woven cotton.

What adjustments did you make and how long did they take? Made the elastic 9″ instead of  the suggested 11″ because Avi is a skinnymini.

What was the construction process like? Did the instructions make sense to you? It was quite smooth. The instructions are very detailed with lots of tips and tricks. It’s almost like having a coach there to help you through.

How do you like the pattern’s fit? It’s truly lovely. A great skirt for playing, school, church or whatever. Just depends on the fabric you choose.

Will you make the pattern again? Yes, when Avi grows out of the two that I made I will absolutely make it again. I’m thinking a vintage sheet next time!

Do you have any advice on this pattern? Just follow along. The instructions are spot on, so follow then and you should be good to go. Do make sure you aren’t catching any fabric while sewing the arch into the skirt, if you are making that version.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtThe Ruffled Arch Skirt Ratings

1 (worst) through 5 (best)

Instructions (1-5): 5 for sure!

Construction Process (1-5): 5

Final Fit (1-5): 5 once I made the elastic 9″ instead of 11″

Overall Rating (1-5): 5, I loved making this pattern

The Ruffled Arch SkirtThe Ruffled Arch Skirt Coupon Code

I’m so excited to offer you all this coupon code! Right now, Ajaire is hosting a tour of her Paneled Sunsuit, showing how you can make the pattern in so many different ways! It’s a very inspiring blog series. With this tour she is offering a coupon code for 15% discount on her patterns!  You can use the code SUNSUIT15 both at UpCraft Club and Etsy through the 7th of September.  Plus, she is offering more discount codes in the Designs by Call Ajaire Facebook group!

She is also hosting a giveaway on her blog,, for a free pattern.

The Ruffled Arch SkirtMore Testing

Currently, I am testing another pattern for Call Ajaire and I can’t wait to share that with you all.

The Ruffled Arch Skirt



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