Emerald and Gold Painted Bookcase

Mar 2nd
painted bookcase

I am sure you all noticed (or did you?) that I too a mini blogging break in the middle of last week, to work on something big. Well my dearies, here it is! I finally painted our bookcase!

Maybe that doesn’t sound like such a big project, but for this momma, it was a huge accomplishment! And I am thrilled with how it turned out.

painted bookcase

More big news, I am going to enter it into a blogging competition that I am unexplainably excited about. Its kind of a huge opportunity. Its called Creating with the Stars and its hosted over at East Coast Collective. Its pretty much a DIY challenge based, competition. 12 bloggers are chosen to team up with 12 mentors (hot shot bloggers), and every week they will be given a new challenge and hopefully win and not be deemed the weakest link.

Well, my friends, I WANT TO COMPETE!!! So badly! So, I am unashamedly asking you to go over and check out the site, once its up (starting tomorrow, March 3rd), and click through to this bookcase project. It can only help! And get all your friends to do it too. Thanks! I’ll love you forever!painted bookcase

painted bookcasepainted bookcasepainted bookcase

painted bookcaseSo now on to this awesome little painted bookcase…

I picked up this little bookcase, which in reality is the top half of a hutch, at The ReStore a few months after we moved into our little apartment. We needed something for our TV to sit on because the bookcase we had used previously is now being used in the kid’s new toy nook.

painted bookcase


For a while it sat in its raw, ugly cream-colored, chipping, state. I bought this bookcase with the intention of painting it, so I could add color to our renter’s beige living room. But I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to use. And so it sat. I knew I wanted something bold. Something that would catch your eye.

I finally settled on Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year – Emerald! It’s just such a beautiful color. It’s such a rich and wonderful color. Aaaannnnd, it go so well with gold!

painted bookcase

The bookcase has this really great wavy shape to the front and I really wanted to highlight that, so I painted it gold. It took a good deal of patience and precision. I used a pretty small brush to paint the trim gold, and then used a wider brush to paint the drawers. Originally I thought I would paint the drawers green, but that didn’t look right so I changed my mind. I also painted the little drawer knobs gold, they were white with little blue flowers.

painted bookcase

I did a light sanding over the whole thing, and then wiped it off with a damp cloth before starting in on my painting. I used almost a whole quart of Valspar’s Pantone Emerald on the main part of the bookcase. On the trim and the drawers I used Martha Stewart’s Liquid Gilding in gold. I also painted the drawer knobs with Martha Stewart Metallic Opaque Glass Paint in gold.painted bookcase

I had such a great time with this project, and an even better time styling it! I will be posting some tips on styling bookcases in a few days. But until then, take some inspiration from these photos :)

painted bookcasepainted bookcasepainted bookcase

painted bookcase



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