No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets

Sep 4th
Felt Alphabet Magnets

Here we are again, at the beginning of another school year. How does this keep happening? It’s crazy how much time flies between May and September.

Felt Alphabet Magnets

This year we have decided to homeschool our four-year-old, Jude, and our two-year-old, Avonlea, is tagging along for the ride. (You can read more about that adventure on my here)I love the idea of playtime being learning-time. I know it’s probably lofty dreaming, but want whatever we are doing to be educational. No matter if that is stomping in mud puddles, or doing puzzles on the floor. The great thing about little kids is their ability to learn amazing things from small activities. Something that seems so simple to adults can be huge to them. Just playing with these No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets can spark alphabet recognition, spelling, and phonics.

Felt Alphabet Magnets

This DIY has been on my Crafty To Do List since before Jude was born. The problem with all the ideas floating around on Pinterest is that some of them are just crazy. I mean who is going to hand-sew all those small alphabet magnets? And then stuff them so they are plush, and finish all the edges so they don’t fray… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Felt Alphabet Magnets

Fortunately, thinking about this project on and off for 4 years has led me to an easy, no sew DIY conclusion. The solution is felt and glue. BAM! Felt doesn’t fray, so no problem there. Felt is easy to cut, it keeps it’s shape and can look very sharp. The colors are great and it’s pretty inexpensive.

Felt Alphabet Magnets

I have worked out all the kinks in this simple tutorial. It is a little time consuming, but I completed it over the course of a few nights of movie watching with The Hubby. I do have a few extra notes that will help you in making these No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets:

  • Make sure your scissors are very sharp, use fabric scissors if you have them.
  • If you want the project to be even easier just cut off the serifs (the little extra lines on the ends of the letters) on the letters this will just make cutting them a little bit simpler.
  • I used two different types of magnets, small round shapes (found at Home Depot) and small rectangular shapes (found at Lowes), use the rectangular ones for the thin letters (I, J, L, ! etc…) and the round ones for the rest. You don’t have to use different shapes but it is helpful, not totally necessary.
  • I made a few extra letters because I wanted my kids to be able to spell their names. So I made an extra A and an extra E. I also improvised a heart. Feel free to make whatever other shapes you like!
  • Don’t feel like making all 26 alphabet characters, you can make just enough letters for your kids to spell their names.
  • You will need a total of two sheets of colorful felt, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use more than two colors. Mix it up and have some fun. Kids love fun colors!

Felt Alphabet Magnets

What You Will Need

  • No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets pattern
  • 26 small round magnets (40 if you want to make numbers and a few characters)
  • 2 sheets (total) of colorful felt – any colors you like, I used pink, yellow, navy, aqua, and grey
  • 8-9 sheets of neutral felt
  • Felt glue, fabric glue, or tacky glue
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Marking tool
  • Double-sided tape
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Xacto knife and cutting mat


Print the No Sew Felt Alphabet Magnets pattern and cut out the letters, numbers and characters.

There are two ways to cut these out choose whichever method works best for you: 1) Use a small amount of double-sided tape to place the letter pattern on the felt. Using a new blade on the Xacto knife or very sharp scissors, cut out the letter. 2) Flip the letter pattern over so it is backwards and trace the letter onto the felt with a marking implement. Cut out the letter with very sharp scissors or an Xacto knife. Flip the letters over once cut so they are facing the correct direction and the makings aren’t showing.

Lay as many of the felt letters out on a sheet of the neutral-colored felt, leaving about ⅓” around each letter. Glue the letters to the sheet of felt, using fabric/felt/tacky glue. Repeat with remaining letters.

Once the glue is dry cut the neutral felt around the around the letters, leaving about 1/8” between the edge of the felt letter and the edge of the neutral-colored felt. Using hot glue, glue a magnet to the center of the letter.  

Using hot glue, glue the letters to a sheet of neutral felt leaving a little space around each letter. Once the hot glue has dried, cut out the letters following the already established shape. Allow to dry completely before using.

Felt Alphabet Magnets

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