Haute Curvy Skinny Pants – Pattern Review

Mar 25th
Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

This post is a little late because the Haute Curvy Skinny Pants pattern by Wardrobe by my were released a little while ago, but better late than never!

I had the honor and pleasure of testing the new curvy version of the Haute Skinny Pants pattern from Wardrobe by me. This was unlike any testing experience I have ever been apart of because it was a long process. The designer was determined to make a skinny pants pattern for curvy women. She wanted a pattern that would work for all those amazing, womanly, bodies out there! She took her time to get the pattern right, she even went through two rounds of testers! I was so impressed with how meticulous she was with getting it as perfect as she could!

Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

I was also very impressed with the instructions on how to install an invisible zipper. I have installed countless zippers and have never seen this way of doing it. All the testers were raving about how simple this method was. It was very easy and almost foolproof! No fear!

One of amazing the things about this Haute Curvy Skinny Pants pattern is that it is truly made for curvy women! Real skinny pants for real curvy women. However, the thing with making a pattern (or ready to wear clothes) for curvy women is that we all have such drastically different bodies. Some have a sublime bubble butt, some have strong legs, we all have different and beautiful bodies! And that makes fitting those bodies a bit of a task. The designer of these Haute Curvy Skinny Pants really took the time to try and make the pattern work for all the amazing curvy bodies out there. She even included instructions on altering the pants to fit your wonderful curves. You should absolutely make a muslin of these pants and get the fit just right before cutting into your more expensive fabric.

Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

One last thing, I’m pleased as peaches to have my photo (that my amazing and talented sister took!) featured all over this pattern. It was freezing and raining the day we took photos, and I forgot to put on my siren-red lipstick, but the pants looked great! I’m *slightly* famous in the PDF sewing patterns world! Squeal!

Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

The Haute Curvy Skinny Pants Review

Pattern name: Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

Pattern designer: Wardrobe by me – Designer Christina Albeck

Where to buy: $11.53 on Etsy – The Wardrobe by me shop, under the “Curvy patterns 14-24″ section, $10.00 on the Wardrobe by me Website

Contact: Facebook – Wardrobe by me, Website – wardrobebyme.com , Email – hello@wardrobepattern.com

Size range: 14-24

What size did you make? 22 with an alteration

Fabric used: A medium weight woven with a medium amount of stretch

What adjustments did you make and how long did they take? I had to take in the pants quite a bit. The hips were just right, but my body is extremely curvy, meaning I have a 20″ difference between my waist and my hips. I had to take in the waist, I also had to take in the legs. I also moved the pockets up a little to be the most flattering on my bum (you can ready about pocket placement and booty shape). The alterations weren’t very hard and they didn’t take more than an hour.

What was the construction process like? Did the instructions make sense to you? This was a quick and easy sew, and once I figured out the alterations I needed to make for my body it would be really easy to make again. The tutorial was very easy to follow and she even included instructions for altering the pants to fit your own amazing curves!

How do you like the pattern’s fit? I loved it! Once I took it in a little and made the pants extra skinny (the way I like!) I absolutely loved them! I also really liked the fact that the waistband is high and that I can bend over and not worry about imitating a plumber.

What suggestions would you give people who want to make this pattern? Make a muslin first! Get the fit right and then make them with your pretty fabric. And use fabric with a decent amount of stretch.

Will you make the pattern again? I plan to! I have the fabric already in my stash and I plan to make some for the fall. I think next time I will try to make the waistband a little lower, but just a little… No plumber here!

Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

The Haute Curvy Skinny Pants Ratings

1 (worst) through 5 (best)

Instructions (1-5): 5 (that invisible zip installation was sublime!)

Construction Process (1-5): 5

Final Fit (1-5): 5

Overall Rating (1-5): 5!! (that’s a perfect score, folks!)

Haute Curvy Skinny Pants

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