DIY Toddler ABC Art

Mar 24th
toddler abc art

Back when it was warmer, we tackled our first “art” project. I have been meaning to share for a long time. Better late than never, right?

I feel like my mom was always doing creative projects with us. I have very fond memories of making a Peublo village out of shoe boxes and salt dough, and elaborate Valentine’s cards. As well as painting hearts and gluing on pin backs and then selling them to my very kind family. I want to be that kind of mom!

abc art

I want to encourage my children to be creative. I am trying to be the kind of mom that is okay with crumbled Cheerios, but I’m not quite there. That is why we don’t do a lot of arts and crafts. I just don’t like the mess. I am trying to let it go. The other day we painted with water. No mess there! Haha, so I am hoping that once the weather gets warmer again we will be able to use our little porch to do more art projects. Until then, here’s what we did last summer (hehe, movie tile :))

This is such a simple little project. You don’t have to do ABC, you could do any phrase or shape. Its the same idea as putting tape on a canvas, painting it, then removing the tape to relieving the blank or painted canvas underneath.

photo (26)


What You Will Need:

  • a canvas
  • vinyl letter stickers
  • tempera paint (we used a few different shades of green)
  • paint brush
  • ABC Art (9)

Step One: Cut out the letters and do a dry fit. This means cutting around the letters and arranging them on the canvas before sticking them to make sure they fit. I like to snap a picture of the layout on my phone so I have a reference.

ABC Art (10)

Step Two: Stick the stickers onto the canvas. Make sure they are stuck down really well. Flipping the canvas over and rubbing it from the back works well. I did all of this while Jude was sleeping so that when he woke up we could get right to the painting!ABC Art (1)

Step Three: Set up your painting station. I put the paint on a plastic plate and set the canvas in a kiddy pool on our porch.

ABC Art (7)

ABC Art (8)

Step Four: I showed Jude how to dip his brush in the paint and then paint with it on the canvas. I encouraged him to use the different shades of green. Then I let him paint as much as he wanted to. I had to fill in a few spots when he was done, just to make sure the canvas was covered. There were a few times when I had to press down on the stickers because they didn’t stick very well to the canvas.

ABC Art (6)

ABC Art (4)

Step Five: Let it dry then peel the stickers off.

ABC Art (3)

Step Six: If your stickers did a good job you can skip this step. Mine didn’t do so well, so I had to paint fill in where the stickers had been. This took a steady hand and some concentration, but it wasn’t that hard. The stickers had left a pretty good guide, and only two had come off completely.

ABC Art (2)

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