DIY Nautical Wreath

Apr 21st
DIY Nautical Wreath

My parents have purchased their dream home. It’s in a quaint beach town on the coast of Georgia. The town is just a dream and I wouldn’t mind moving down there one day too.

I’ve been helping my mom shop for furniture and decor for the house. You can see some of our ideas here, and here, as well as on my Pinterest boards. She wants a classic nautical cottage look. It’s been so fun to work with her on finding deals and decorating the house. I can’t wait to see it all come together, and don’t worry, I will share.

Once of the things she wants to do was give the house a homey feel. She wants to make it feel welcoming and comfortable. One of the ways we are planning on accomplishing that is by making some DIYs to warm up the space. We are making some pillows, and some bunting (tutorial coming soon), and this DIY nautical wreath.

This DIY nautical wreath is the perfect project for a nautical themed nursery (those are super cute, BTW), a boating birthday party, that dream house boat, pretty much anywhere that needs a little salty air feel.

This DIY nautical wreath is a really easy project and it came together pretty quickly. I wanted to share the tutorial with you.

DIY Nautical Wreath

DIY Nautical Wreath


  • a styrofoam wreath form
  • burlap ribbon or strips about 3″ wide.
  • navy and white striped ribbon
  • white cotton cording
  • a balsa wood anchor (painted white)
  • twine
  • pins

Note: I always use pins to make my wreaths, that way I can change my mind easily. If you use hot glue then you are pretty much stuck with whatever you have made. With pins I can reposition, remove, and even start all over without damaging any of my materials. 

Before starting with the wreath, paint the balsa wood anchor white and let it dry. I used spray paint, but regular paint would work too.

Start by pinning the burlap to the back of the wreath.

DIY Nautical Wreath

Then wrap and wrap and wrap the burlap around the wreath overlapping it so that it covers the styrofoam completely. You want to keep the burlap pretty taut. The burlap will fray, so be careful. If it starts to fray it’s better to just cut the fraying string off before it gets all tangled.

DIY Nautical Wreath

By the end you will be covered in tiny burlap hairs, so do this outside or somewhere that is easily cleaned up (aka, not a beautiful velvet couch.) Take out the pins that you had put into the starter end and overlap the finishing end of burlap and then it pin down on the back of the wreath. If you are using small-headed pins then make sure you are pinning through the cross sections of the threads and not in the holes. Cut off the extra burlap.

DIY Nautical Wreath

Visually cut the wreath into four sections and figure out where the striped ribbon should go. If you need to you can use a ruler/straight edge and mark the sections with pins.

Cut the striped ribbon into eight strips that are long enough to wrap around the wreath with about an inch of overlap. Mine ended up being about five inches each. Using a lighter melt the cut edges of the ribbon so that it won’t fray. All you do is run the cut edge of the ribbon along the flame until it melts slightly. Only use this method if you are using a non-natural fibers ribbon. You could also use Fray Check or some glue, but I didn’t want to wait for it to dry.

DIY Nautical Wreath

Wrap the striped ribbon pieces around the four sections of the wreath that you marked. Overlap the ribbon slightly so that the burlap doesn’t show through the middle of the two ribbons. Use pins to secure on the back of the wreath.

DIY Nautical Wreath

DIY Nautical Wreath

Wrap a piece of cotton cording around the wreath twice with an inch or so of overlap and cut, use this as a measuring standard and cut eight pieces total (including the standard.) Use Fray Check or glue on the ends to stop them from fraying, or wrap the ends in tape. Wrap the cotton cord around the edges of the ribbon two times, and pin on the back of the wreath to secure.

DIY Nautical Wreath

Lay the wreath down flat and place the anchor in the center of the wreath. Using twine measure a length of twine that will loop through the anchor and around the wreath and leave the anchor hanging in the center of the wreath. You will need about two and a half inches of extra to tie. Loop the twine through the anchor and around the wreath and then tie a knot. Secure the knot at the back of the wreath with a pin.

Make a small loop with twine and tie it off, use a pin to secure the knot to the back of the wreath right above the anchor twine. (If you are using a wreath hook then you can skip this part.)

DIY Nautical Wreath

 And that is how you make a DIY Nautical Wreath!

Pretty easy right? Now go make one and jazz up that beach house (or just make your home a little more festive)!

DIY Nautical Wreath

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