Classy Halloween Decor Ideas

Oct 12th
Classy Halloween Decor Ideas

There is something about the change of season that makes me want to change-up all my decor. Maybe I’m just fickle, or maybe there is something in the cool air. It makes me want to eat and drink pumpkin spice everything, and to pull out all the Halloween decorating stops.

I like Halloween as much as the next guy, but I am so not into guts and gore. I hate scary movies, and I was the kid 12 year old that cried at the neighborhood haunted house. I just don’t do scary. But I do do festive!

A few years ago when blogging was just a small hobby, I posted this list of Chic Halloween Decorating ideas. I also posted a list of 6 Chic DIY Halloween Wreaths that are totally worth your weekend crafting efforts.

In the spirit (pun intended) of the season I have collected a list of seven more Classy Halloween Decor Ideas!

I love all of these ideas and they are all doable on a small budget (because who has a ton of money to spend on decorations that will only be up for a month) and with minimal effort (again, not spending hours and hours on something that will have a short shelf life.)

Classy Halloween DecorI am in love with this whole Hocus Pocus moment by Make the Best of What’s Around. I ripped off this chalkboard for my own living room.

Classy Halloween DecorYou know those adorable cereal box houses we all love around Christmas time, well why not make a haunted house version? This one is from Oh Happy Day. If I had a mantel I would love to create a tiny village of darling haunted houses. Darling haunted houses, is that an oxymoron?

Classy Halloween DecorAll is Vanity by Allan C. Gilbert – This has been one of my favorite pieces of art since I did a project on it in college. It’s so eerie and beautiful. You can order a print of this painting from, frame it in a black frame and pair it with some other great pieces on a mantel display.

Classy Halloween DecorAren’t these festive silhouettes super cute? The tutorial from, Sadie Seasongoods, looks really easy too!

Classy Halloween DecorI’m always a fan of little terrariums and fairy houses. This Spooky Halloween Terrarium is such a cute idea from The Paper Mama.

Classy Halloween DecorThis is another easy and cute idea. I’ve got a bunch of lace and doilies hanging around, just need some *fake* spiders. Thanks to Betz White for this idea.

Classy Halloween DecorI had to add in a simple sewing project. The Polkadot Chair has this easy tutorial for a darling witches silhouette pillow to liven up your couch.

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