Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

Sep 16th
Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

Well folks, we came home from vacation in South Georgia where we were swimming and drinking cold beverages to slightly chilly breezes and warm apple cider.

It’s fall, Y’all! 

There isn’t much more inspiring than the change of seasons, and autumn is one of the most invigorating! Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything!

Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

When I was a kid one of my favorite 4-H project was called place settings. Every year I entered as many as I was allowed to in the county fair. I spent days perfecting the centerpieces, making placemats and napkins, and designing menus. I even measured the distance of the flatware to the placemat. (Those were my mega perfectionist days, I’ve gotten much less neurotic thanks to my kids.)No surprise that I still love designing tablescapes and centerpieces.

Autumn Harvest Tablescape

This Autumn Harvest Centerpiece couldn’t be any more simple to put together.

  1. Start with a vintage linen tablecloth in warm autumn colors. If you can’t find a vintage tablecloth, you can buy lovely linen from the fabric store or online in an oatmeal color. Cut it into a large square shape and hem the edges. If you want you can stitch on some simple embroidery (in rusty oranges and reds) around the edges for a bit of color. Or just get a fall or harvest themed fabric, vintage scarf, or regular tablecloth.
  2. Then add hight to the center. I filled a bird cage with some colorful, small gourds. They have great shape and texture and range from yellow, to gold, to green, to orange. Apples would work too, but would’t last as long.
  3. Next add a small pumpkin. What autumn harvest centerpiece would be complete without a pumpkin? I love these little sugar pumpkins, they are so sweet and round.
  4. Then add a metallic element. I put Hershey Kisses into a round glass vase and added a handmade “eat me” sign for a little cheeky Alice in Wonderland and Halloween fun. I think the silver wrappers give a great contrast to all the organic colors. You could also add something that is glittery or shiny color glass.
  5. Lastly, add something small. This little owl is one of a vintage salt and pepper shaker set. I use them all the time for centerpieces. It’s a little whimsy and sweet. If you don’t have something like this, you could put in a small glass jar (like a recycled spice jar) of Indian corn kernels, or a small vase with mums.

Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

Our table was pushed up against the wall because we have very little space, but if your table is in the middle of the room, just leave the tablecloth in a square and round out the centerpiece by putting a few smaller items on both sides of the taller, center items.

Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

Tips to remember when creating an Autumn Harvest Centerpiece:

  • Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. Go with your gut.
  • Use height to your advantage. Varying the hight of items is key. Also varying shapes and textures.
  • Don’t limit yourself to things that usually go on a table. Think outside the box.
  • Go organic, bringing in items are are usually found in the kitchen are so homey and warm in a centerpiece.
  • Flowers make everyone smile. I know this centerpiece didn’t have flowers, but it could have! When in doubt go with flowers!
  • Have fun! I love adding whimsy and cheeky items to my centerpieces.

Autumn Harvest Centerpiece

Now that you know how to create the perfect Autumn Harvest Centerpiece, you will have no worries when it comes time to decorate for Thanksgiving, Octoberfest, or that Harvest Party you are throwing! If you added a mini canvas with “BOO!” painted on it and carved a face on that pumpkin you would have Halloween taken care of too!

What do you put on your table to celebrate the season?


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