Annie Style: Leather and Knit

Sep 25th
Leather and Knit

Transitioning from summer to fall is one of those weird fashion moments. A few weeks of weather that is on the spotty side, somewhere between lukewarm and chilly. So what to wear for these fall days? How about leather and knit?
Leather and Knit

It’s SO last year! Annie put this outfit together last year and I forgot to publish the post until now. Oops. Just because it’s from last year, doesn’t mean it’s out of date. That’s the great thing about being timeless with your clothes.

Leather and Knit

Let’s chat about transitioning your summertime wardrobe into fall. I’m of the mindset that, in fashion (and for the most part in life too), as long as you keep it classy, you really can’t go wrong. If you love something wear it. If it’s cold put on a jacket or a scarf. Doesn’t have to be a fall scarf to be worn in the fall. But there are a few wardrobe basics that will hep you look pulled together.

Leather and Knit

Here are my go to fashion rules:

  1. Mix neutrals. In Annie’s outfit she is wearing black leather, an off white knit sweater, chambray, and warm brown booties. It works because it’s all neutral.
  2. The rule of three. A skit and top are fine, but throw on a scarf, blazer, or sweater and it’s an outfit.
  3. Hard and soft. Mix something hard, like this leather, with something soft, like the knit.
  4. Cinderella’s rule. Know what shoes to wear. The French rule of thumb is the higher the skirt the lower the heel. So a maxi calls for tall heels and a mini calls for flats.
  5. Proportion. This is key. A tight skirt needs a loose top, a fitted top needs boyfriend jeans. That kind of thing.

Leather and Knit

Leather and Knit

Annie’s Leather and Knit Outfit Details

Top………. Medium-dark, chambray button up, from Nordstom

Sweater ………. Oversized, off-whtie, pull-over sweater, from Urban Outfitters

Skirt ………. Faux leather (“flether”), black, pencil skirt, from the CAbi Fall 2013 collection

Shoes ………. Warm brown, faux leather, stacked heal bootie, from Loft

Hat ………. Black felt hat, from Forever21

Coat ………. Green coat with faux fur trim, from Zara

Leather and Knit

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Leather and Knit

Now, who’s ready for transitional fashion and pumpkin spiced everything?

Leather and Knit

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